Plaza at Preston Center

Plaza at Preston Center, at the corner of Northwest Highway and Preston Drive, has long been a staple of the Dallas shopping and dining scene.

Sculpture Trust by Michelle O'Michael

H3 Construction has participated in a two year renovation that has not only improved parking, traffic flow and walkways, but also included a beautiful new landmark that adds ambiance and character to the locale.

H3 Construction was brought in by CoDel, Inc. to evaluate the conditions of existing paving and assist in the replacement plan of affected areas. Also taken into consideration was the year round shopping schedule and tightly placed traffic.

Landmark base rebar and lighting components
Landmark base poured and ready

Initial investigations discovered that the majority of the existing paving and walkways had sunk, and were not draining correctly. Using a Ground Penetrating Radar[GPR], it was determined that the inconsistent concrete depth had played a part in the over all shifting and sinking.

After analyzing the data, it was determined that a 2 year total replacement plan could not only be accomplished, but also maintain functionality of the entire shopping center.

Setting rebar for the concrete base that the round about will be built on
All concrete foundations poured and ready for the final phase

By utilizing traffic control measures, concrete saws, removal tractors, and even material trucks in house, H3 Construction was able to coordinate the difficult schedule with all tenants and ensure continuity of the project.

A weekly schedule would consist of approximately 7,500 sf of concrete sawing beginning at 3 AM with follow on removal the next morning at midnight. Compacted road base was then brought in and compacted in place to achieve new elevations to control the water flow.

Previous paving removed and setup with rebar
Concrete poured into forms soon to be ready for use

In 2 work days of rebar and form work, H3 Construction would have every bit of concrete that was saw cut, removed, and hauled off. By the 6th day, all concrete would be poured back and ready to be walked on or parked on.

Large scale pavement repair and replacement is never an easy task, but by controlling every aspect of the project H3 Construction has been able to sidestep the pitfalls that usually occur on a project with multiple subcontractors.

New paving, roads and curbs set
Custom concrete flower bed

Having the in house resources to accomplish every phase and aspect of a project is something that H3 Construction takes great pride in. We are committed to accomplishing every project in a manner that represents the pride and passion we feel for our industry.