Six Flags Over Texas

The Joker, Catwoman Whip, and The Riddler Revenge, is not the beginning of a Super Villain invasion, but the latest installment of thrill rides at Six Flags over Texas.

Six Flags Over Texas, The Riddler

The new park expansion was an example of tight schedules, and advanced concrete applications that tested even this seasoned company. Six Flags over Texas with the help of H3 Construction was able to open this year’s attractions on time, and within budget.

In a continued partnership with Six Flags, H3 Construction was able to create and construct an eye catching and impressive hardscape design package that included asphalt cue lines, faux brick stamped concrete, and multiple color combinations.

Catwomen Whip foundation forms
Catwomen Whip foundation partially poured

H3 Construction was privileged enough be brought along behind the scenes in the construction of these new attractions unveiled for the 2017 season.

The Riddler Revenge foundation forms

Custom colors such as, pure white, onyx black, and charcoal grey, along with unique stamped concrete were designed and implemented. A vibrant green concrete stain was applied on the new Riddler ride. All work was completed within timeline deadlines.

The Riddler Revenge foundation partially poured
The Riddler Revenge foundation partially poured

Every new ride that provides a thrilling and exciting experience needs to be built on a precise and critical concrete structure in order to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Two pier drilling rigs, a 50 ton crane, and surveyors were onsite daily for 3 weeks in order to drill and install 55 piers that averaged 63 feet in depth and a diameter of 48 inches. Piers that struck ground water were cased to prevent collapsing and ensure proper installation.

The Joker piers being set; total of 55 piers placed with an average depth of 63 feet
The Joker pier caps

On top of the piers sat footings the size of small storage containers with 60 inch anchor bolts that were installed precisely for the follow on steel risers that would hold ride tracks.

The Joker pier cap detail