North Texas Data Center

This North Texas Data Center was one of the largest undertakings in the history of H3 Construction.

Conduit hardware installed, core for conduit and piping

H3 Construction, working with Balfour Beatty Construction, provided turn key solutions for excavation, soil conditioning and a structural concrete. The project scope included installing intricate and large-scale underground mechanical trenches.

H3 Construction excavated the existing mechanical yard 10 feet below grade, reconditioned the soil, and graded underneath the existing tilt wall building to bring in water chiller lines for the air conditioned data center.

Excavated area for trench and beginning grading
Forming and Rebar installation

We used Symons forms and double mat rebar, to build the 6 foot tall concrete walls and 2 foot thick base slabs. We optimized the timeline by working the dirt and concrete packages concurrently, and by controlling the soil conditioning and excavation equipment.

Trench walls formed and ready for concrete
Pier Cage installation

In the data storage industry, maximizing real estate for servers is the name of the game. In order to double the usable square footage, a second floor mezzanine deck was designed. We installed 80 piers into and existing tilt wall building with minimal overhead access.

H3 Construction was able to drill, install, and pour in place all the piers in a two week time frame, by utilizing a limited access pier drilling rig, and tier 4 emissions lifts. Once the Piers were installed the mezzanine steel was installed.

Foundation floor rebar preparation
Trench walls and floors poured and ready for conduit

We then set up and poured in place the 20,000 square foot deck with lightweight concrete and 4 x 4 welded wire reinforced mesh. The entire mezzanine was completed in a span of 6 weeks, all with the help of H3 Construction and the in-house solutions for unique projects.