Legacy West Fountains

The Legacy West Development in North West Plano in one of the areas new premier shopping and living destinations in Dallas Fort Wort area.

The fountains at Legacy West in Plano, Texas

H3 Construction was tasked with installing a key landmark water feature at the heart of the Legacy West center. Building a water feature utilizing concrete takes engineering to understand the“how to” and ingenuity to solve any unexpected issues.

When an architect designs a feature with multiple basins, radius walls and curved structures on the interior in order to support light and water jets, careful consideration of the concrete company should be taken.

Forming the walls of the center piece for the fountains
Fountain walls prepared for concrete

We built the form work out of 3/4 inch plywood which was then scored every inch in order to create the appropriate bend angle. Since the scoring would be weakening the boards for the bends, double the structural bracing was utilized.

H3 Construction has the experience and ability to ensure that, especially on projects such as this, the curves are constructed and completed properly and efficiently. In order to make the curves properly.

The fountains will be a nice view from future store fronts and living areas
Fountain walls prepared for concrete

H3 Construction then utilized 2 x 4 boards, concrete wall ties, and extendable kickers to form the structure. The forms were made strong enough to support, and successfully hold 170 cubic yards of concrete.

Once all the walls had been built and poured out using a 4000 psi concrete mix design, the forms were stripped off and the process of making a final product began. Using non shrink grout and hand trowels, all the walls were smoothed out and prepped for water proofing.

Fountain bottoms formed and ready for final setup of lights and pumps
Evening photo of the fountains at Legacy West

Being able to handle the entirety of project without having to rely on outside contractors, not only speeds up a project, but ensures the quality control, especially on a landmark project.

Once the waterproofing was done, the final finishes were installed along with the mechanics needed to run a beautiful dancing water display. The results, are a project that H3 Construction along with Rogers O’Brien, are proud to have in our portfolios.

Arial photo of the fountains at Legacy West