Kimberly Clark

The Kimberly Clark Companies, based out of Irving, TX has continued to make improvements to its sprawling 10,000 employees campus.

Health and wellness path

In a collaboration with Brightview Landscapes, H3 Construction utilized some of the scenic Irving rolling hills and was able to carve out a brand new amenity trail designed around their campus, for the health and welfare of their valued employees.

Completing construction projects on time and in difficult locations is a specialty we have mastered over the years. The entire trail system was built on compacted native soil, and the concrete was brought in using power buggies to avoid creating campus traffic issues.

Intersecting paths with stairs
Walkway with a sitting bench

Using a 3500 psi concrete, #4 rebar, and slab on grade application, H3 Construction was able to ensure the longevity of the trail system, and produce a product Kimberly Clarke can be proud to show off.

Having all the in house equipment can ensure the success of any project, because you can control your own systems. H3 Construction’s smaller excavation and earth work crew, were able to bring track loaders and mini excavators to carve out the trails from the landscape.

Cement pad installed for outdoor sitting area
Kimberly Clark campus arial view

By using smaller equipment, day to day corporate activities were not interrupted and the schedule was able to be accelerated by working during normal operating hours.