Clarus Glassboards

Clarus Glassboards, one of the leading manufacturers in innovative glass dry erase boards, recently expanded their production warehouse with the help of H3 Construction.

Clarus Glassboards warehouse

By providing turn key warehouse solutions, we were able to improve shipping and receiving operations. Our scope of work ranged from the expansion of the warehouse entrance to the expanding of the internal warehouse work area.

H3 converted an existing 4’ deck height loading dock area into an 18’ x 50’ truck accessible loading ramp to allow deliveries by lowboy trailers directly inside the warehouse onto the production floor.

In progress: rebar for loading ramp
In progress: loading ramp concrete being poured
In progress: loading ramp side rails installed
Completed: loading ramp to allow deliveries directly inside the warehouse and production floor

H3 assisted with 3000 square feet of interior warehouse floor removal and 120 cubic yards of excavation in various equipment pits, 300 linear feet of plumbing trenches, and 200 linear feet of utility trenches to allow new production machinery drainage.

500 linear feet of trenches cut/installed
Finishing touches on trenches

H3 Construction installed utility trenches to guide glass infused water to be deposited into a dewatering system. This system removes unwanted particles, helps manage waste and allows the recycling of valuable materials.

Dewatering system to remove unwanted particles and help manage waste; allows the recycling of valuable materials
Dewatering system collection tank